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The orbitals of some molecules

Posted by RAHMA CAHYANINGRUM pada Maret 6, 2010

The H2 molecule has two valence electrons.

The H2+ molecule has only one valence electron.

The He2 molecule has four valence electrons.

The He2+ molecule has three valence electrons.

Bond order = 1/2 (Σ of electrons in bonding orbitals – Σ of electrons in anti-bonding orbitals).

The bond order in our four examples above are given in the table below.

Bond Bond Order
H2+ 1/2
H2 1
He2+ 1/2
He2 0

The bond order must be positive non-zero for a bond to be stable. He2 has a bond order of zero and that is why the He2 molecule is not observed.

Reference: by Philip J. Grandinetti

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